So, You Have a Hunch?

What is Psychic Ability?  Do I Have It?

You have probably walked into a room and immediately felt like something wasn't right and then turned around and walked out only later you find out something tragic happen there.  Or perhaps you've gotten the feeling like someone's going to call, and then the phone rings and it turns out to be them. These are all examples of the psychic sense. 

Some call it "intuition", some call it a gift, others call it a power.  Whatever you call it, everyone has a psychic sense.  Its a natural normal human instinct.  A talent that can be integrated into your everyday life.  Like all skills, it takes learning to develop it.  Psychic skills are like muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they become.  

Meet the "Clairs" The Components of Your Psychic Sense

  • Clairsentience-  Psychic Feeling (emotions and energy)

  • Clairvoyance-  Psychic Seeing

  • Clairaudience-  Psychic Hearing

  • Claircognizance- Psychic Knowing

  • Clairgustance-  Psychic Tasting

Being psychic is about knowing your own mind.  The psychic mind doesn't go looking for information like the conscious mind does.  Images, thoughts and ideas just pop into your mind.  

I suggest if you are new to this, educate yourself as much as possible.  Get to know yourself, mind, body and soul.  

Get a journal so that you can write your experiences down as there is so much you may or may not experience.  Everyone is different.  It is perfectly normal and human nature for you not to be 100 percent correct every single time or even most of the time.  Stay Positive, because everything happens for a reason.  If you feel blocked, maybe its not your time to receive the message.  I always tell everyone, Think Positive, and Never Fear and Remember to Ground and Protect Yourself before doing any Psychic work.  

For More Information on Psychic Abilities you can visit my Blog or Send Me Your Personal Questions and I will do My Best to Answer them.  

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