Different Types of Hauntings


What is a haunting?  The repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena at a certain location.  This does not mean that a haunting is associated with a actual ghost.  There are no general patterns to haunting's which makes them hard to define.  Some manifest on occasion, or even continually or for periods that last  from several days to centuries.  Others may only occur on certain anniversaries, in accordance with distinctive weather conditions or for reasons that make no sense whatsoever.  Here are what to look for in some of those hauntings.




Residual Haunting


Most common haunting.

Its like they are never dead, they are stuck in time.

They seem to haunt the same spot over and over again.

No actual entity is present in this style of haunting.

Most common noises are footsteps on stairs, moans, and cries.


There is usually very little you can do on this style of haunting, and the energy that was left behind is replaying a video tape from the same scene over and over again.  This can be scary and emotional at the same time.  We understand.



Intelligent Haunting


In this style haunting the entity or entities are aware of their surroundings.  Most of the time they are not confined to one spot and can move around freely.  Also, the acknowledge the existence of human beings and even try to communicate with them.

They can move objects up to around 10 lbs.  

They are looking for people to notice them.

Usually, between the hours of 11pm and 4am are the times that the entities can manifest themselves being the darkest hours of the night.

Most of the time they don't show themselves during the day cause it takes to much energy.  

They are mischievous and benevolent, depending on the reason.

Getting them to leave may be hard.






German word for "Noisy Spirit".

Reports of poltergeists dates back to Ancient Roman times.

Activity starts with knocks and bangs, furniture starts moving around by itself.  Then, activity becomes more intense.  Manifesting itself through voices and even the appearance of full apparitions.  Furniture may slide across the room and the bed may shake.

Most of the time, the haunting circles around a female in her teen years.  Some of these cases seem to be caused by the female unknowingly controlling the energy around herself.  It may seem that most of the activity doesn't happen unless that certain person is present.

When its not the teenager that is manifesting activity there are usually several spirits in the area.  The spirits pool together in order to become more stronger to move heavier objects and to make louder noises.  Certain times it may stop within a few days, other times it may take a few years.  

By understanding why it was there in the first place will help it from ever coming back again.  Knowledge is the key.






Demons Are Not Human.  They are a rare occurrence but Do occur.  

Easy to identify, as long as they are not hiding.

A demonic haunting, usually you will smell a stench similar to rotted flesh or sulfuric acid ( rotten eggs ).  They often make growl sounds.  They often like to make contact by hitting, shoving, pushing and even scratching.  Usually people who have been scratched see 3 scratch marks.

Most people who see demons see black mass standing in doorways or near rooms.  Sometimes they are called shadow devils.

When walking into a room the  whole air area feels thick like fog and the temperature will drastically change, typically becoming warmer.

These creatures are very strong.  

They don't mind showing themselves.

They can take on any form as they wish.

They will break down a person's free will and take full possession of them.

May take weeks to years to drive out the evil demon but only the highest Catholic Church can do so.

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