Our Promise To You...




Fairfield will provide you with respect, and professionalism at all times.


We care about you and your feelings.  


 We are a team of Paranormal Investigators who have learned the psychologies of making someone feel comfortable duing these times of fear and uncertainty.


Our team will help you understand the nature of the problem supplying you with information to why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved.


We listen to your experiences and concerns.


We respect your right to privacy.


We bring recording devices into your home to capture paranormal activity, but only with the homeowner's approval.


We will not share or publish any of your photo's, names, address's, data or media of your case outside our team.  *The Release of Evidence Form Must Be Signed Before Any Evidence Will Be Published* and No Identities of individuals are ever released without given specific written pernission by the individuals involved.  Please Do Not ask for actual reports on the case, they will not be released even if given permission by the individuals involved.  These reports are the sole property of Fairfield Paranormal Society (aka FPS).  Please feel free to contact me at anytime, for any reason, and I will see what I can do to help you.


Our team of investigators always tries to recreate and debunk in attempt to find good evidence, either for or against paranormal activity.  We never investigate any site or home with the purpose of labeling it as "Haunted".  Our main purpose as paranormal investigators is to use our data collected, our experiences, and our research to understand the unknown, and help those who are experiencing paranormal activity.


You are always welcome to a copy of any recorded media and our phones are always open to you if you need further comfort or help after any investigation.



                                         What We Specialize In


Spirit Attachment

Residual Hauntings

Intelligent Hauntings




***  We Do House Cleansings ***  based on your religious beliefs.










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