Q-  Do ordinary people believe in ghosts?


   A-   The answer is "YES" -- ordinary, average people do believe in ghosts.  Just about everyone has a story to tell about an encounter that they cannot explain.  If it did not happen to them, then it happened to a friend, a neighbor, or a relative.

    Q-  Are ghosts evil?
    A-  Despite the teachings of some religious faiths, traditional ghosts are not evil or harmful. 

    Q-  Do ghosts follow people from place to place?
    A-  Although it doesnt happen very often, ghosts can follow people from different locations. 

    Q- Do ghosts hurt people?
    A-  There have been reportings of people being hurt by ghosts and by paranormal activity in their homes.  However, it is rare.  Usually caused by a fear of the activity.  People are more likley to get hurt by running away from a haunted house or the thing that scared them.

     Q-  Do objects become haunted?
    A-  Yes-- there are many accounts of what some reseachers have dubbed "possessed possessions", which simply means physical items to which ghosts have become attached.

    Q -  Can ghosts communicate with the living?
    A-  Yes, in some cases the can, but only in hauntings that involve traditional or interactive spirits.  Residual hauntings have no real presence behind them;  this activity is without thought and without any ability to communicate.

    Q-  Are animals and children more sensitive to ghosts?
    A-  I would have to say that I believe they are.  Animals such as dogs and cats seem to be much more aware of things that humans cannot see or hear. They often bark or whine at what appears to be empty hallways and staircases to us.  I also think children might be more sensitive to spirits and hauntings.  There are a number of reasons for why this would be, but the most persuasive one is that a child's belief system is not as developed as that of an adult.  He or she might not have "learned" that ghosts cannot exsist and there screening process does not shut out the unexplained as an adult's might.

    Q-  Are haunted places only active after dark?
    A-  No, and dispite what movies and books might tell you, there is no time of day that is more active than another.  It has qbeen my thought that if a place is haunted at night then why would'nt it be haunted during the day?  The reason for not capturing evidence during the day or hearing things is that during the day its loud and so much is going on around us.  At night things become more quieter and your able to focus more, see more.

    Q-  What is a demonic or inhuman?
    A-  A demonic or inhuman is a classification we use to describe an entity has never walked the earth in a human corporeal form.

   Q-  How do I get rid of unwanted ghosts?
    A-  Hopefully, with the right knowledge you wont feel threatened by its presence.  But if you do not feel comfortable about the fact that you do have a spirit living with you, as a family you may want to tell it to leave, to move on.  This may take several tries, however, it is your home and you need to take charge.  Simply say  " This is our home, we do not want you here.  You are not welcome, we demand you leave now"



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