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If You Need an Investigation This is How I Opperate.

Let me explain how I work. First, I do a phone interview. At that time I will ask you a few questions and let you explain what is going on. Then decide what route to take. If you choose to have me come out to your home, then we move to the second phase, which is the walk through. I charge a service fee for expenses. That’s for gas. I charge $1.00 per mile to and from my house to your house. Each time I come out. The Investigation is free. At the time of the walk through I have paperwork for you sign. At the time of the walk through, I will also ask you more questions, get photos and base readings so I get an idea as to what is going on as well as to where I need to set up my equipment. If we choose to move to phase three which is the Investigation phase then we will set up the appointment for it. Let me know as to what and where you stand. If you want to set up a phone interview, please let me know. Thank you, Nicol Vaselaros Fairfield Paranormal Society  

Email me at fairfieldparanormalsocietyofmd@gmail.com 

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