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Starting Your Own Paranormal Team

I have been investigating since 2009 and believe me, it’s taking me a lot of dedicating my time and patience and not to mention money.  

The very first thing I recommend when you are first starting out is to get in contact with other knowledgeable people in the paranormal field.  The TV shows are just that.  Let me explain.  It’s definitely different for many people in this field.  Speaking for myself, when you’re dealing with clients who contact you and trust you to come into their home and into their lives with something that is disturbing them, that’s way different then going into an abandoned building or a cemetery.  

Once you’ve decided to dedicate your time to the paranormal you need to realize that once you’re in this game, your in it.  You need to respect the Unknown and know that what you are getting into can affect not only you, but everyone else in your life.  I recommend learning how to protect yourself and your team as well as your family.  I also cannot express how much education is needed.  Once you gain your knowledge, always continue with educating yourself and your team.

Next step, you’re going to need a team, so how do you go about that?  For starters, I made up files on every person that has ever been on my team.  Everyone has a folder.  In that folder has a Investigator Interview Questionnaire,  and other papers I have my team members fill out and sign. That’s for my protection and theirs.  There’s an emergency form in there as well.  

Before someone comes aboard my team, it is my job as the Lead Investigator to make sure that the people who are going to be potential investigators are going to be liable, trustworthy people and are dedicated like me.  I set up a interview and meet with them in person to get a feel for them and their personality.  I let them do the talking.  Then ask them some questions.  Here are some questions I may ask.

Why do you want to investigate the paranormal?

Have you ever had a Paranormal Experience?

What do you think you’re greatest strength is when it comes to investigating?

What is your weakest strength when it comes to the paranormal?  

Your availability?

Have you been convicted of any crimes?

One form all potential investigators sign is a background check.  I run a background check on everyone who joins my team.  

You don’t want to bring in a person convicted of felonies into people’s homes or a person who is a registered child sex offender around clients with children. 

Believe me, you’re going to go through so many people who think being a Paranormal Investigator is for them.  Only to find out, it’s too much.  They realize they love paranormal investigating, but for the fun of it.  A hobby.  What really goes into this is far more than one truly knows.  

Now, how are people going to hear about you???  Word of mouth?  How about a website? Facebook?  Craigslist? Newspaper? I went as far as making flyers and putting them in grocery stores.  You’re going to need business cards.  Oh, and what about the equipment???  Yes, the equipment.  I started out with a camera, recorder and hand held night vision camcorder.  What do I use today?

My Intuition 


DVR System 


Night Vision Hand Held Camcorder 

Mel Meter with Temperatures Reading 



I hope this helps for those of you that are truly interested and dedicated.  It’s a long process but have patience.  

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