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Ways To Raise Your Vibration

It seems a lot more these days people are experiencing depression, and holding more in causing more self-harm; whether it be cutting, or turning to drugs and or violence. All of these experiences are of the lower vibrational scale. Since our emotions radiate vibrations, the ones I just mentioned are on a low vibrational scale.  Even sadness, worry, and anxiety are low vibration levels.  

Paranormal Parasites, negative energies and non-human entities are all attracted to low-level vibrations. There are many ways to lift your vibration.  Not only can you lift one's vibration but you can also lift the energy of your home and space.  


Light White Candles

Play Positive Happy Music

Watch Happy Positive Movies


Think Positive



Be in the NOW


Replace Negative Friends with positive Friends

Another Great way to lift your vibration is a very plain and simple one.  Basically just getting outside.  Now that the weather is warm, just taking a little walk or even just sitting out under a tree and reading a positive message can raise your vibe!!! Watching the sunset and even the sunrise is a great way to feel gratitude for the day.  

Changing the way we think will definitely change the way we feel for the better, if you choose Positive Thinking.  Some people wonder, what does this have to do with the paranormal?  Well, honestly everything.  If you in constant battle with negative energy, maybe you’re attracting the negative energy.  -I said maybe-  Anything is possible.  Refer to my other readings or if you would like more information, message me.  You may Text me as well.  - 

Remember to Stay Positive- Nicol 🤗

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