• Admin- Nicol Vaselaros

Common Questions I’m Asked.

If you have a question, feel free to email it to me and I will do my best to answer.

1.  I play Christian music, why doesn’t it keep demons or negative beings away?

Great question, most people think that it would.  As well as keeping the Holy Bible by your bed or going to church every Sunday.   Anything negative doesn’t care about the music you listen too or the books you read.  It’s what you soulfully believe in, for the Highest Good and have Faith in.  As long as you put all your faith in getting it removed, then you must keep your Faith.  Have the Faith in the Highest Good every day that He will protect you.  This Is From My Experiences Only •

2.  I Sagged my Home and it made things worse.  

Depending on the type of Hauntings you are dealing with, most of the time Sagging with White Sage is a wonderful way to help souls who are in this realm for some reason, transcend to the other side.  I normally do this for my clients and never suggest anyone to attempt doing a cleansing with Sage without the proper knowledge.  If at all while you are Sagging and this become worsening, as in the paranormal activity being to spike.  You could be dealing with a negative energy.  Use Caution. 

3.  How much do you charge?  As always, your Donations are Always Greatly Appreciated.  Having said that, as of now, I am charging a small fee in exchange for my fuel, time, commitment and services I provide for you and your family or company/business.  I believe in The Law of Energy Exchange, aka The Laws of Attraction.