• Admin- Nicol Vaselaros

Focus on Energy for Healing and Spiritual Guidance- Sage

Everything is made of energy.  Energy is always vibrating.  Some high, some low.  When we feel good, we are vibrating at a high vibration.  When we feel not so good, we are vibrating at a lower vibration.  That's why if you're depressed, you tend to hang with the like minded people and so forth. We attract what we send out.  We as humans are electromagnetic batteries.  We are very powerful beings.  Just as the Law of Physics- Like Attract Like 

If your vibration is low, you will attract lower beings.

If your vibration is high, you will attract higher beings. 

To cleanse, I always use Sage.  The Greatest and Purest Gift from Mother Earth.

Lower Energies, vibrations and beings do not like Sage.  Sage cleanses and lifts the energy.

Get Dried Loose Sage of any kind.  A lot of it!!!  Get a charcoal disc. Place in a fire proof bowl.  Light the charcoal disc and put the Sage onto hot charcoal.  The Sage will begin to smoke.  *Make sure your windows and doors are closed *

Start in the basement and work your way up.  Making sure that you get every corner of each room and all rooms are full of Sage smoke.  If you need to add more Sage. Blowing on the Sage will help it to smoke more.  Or you can use a feather.  When finished with the Sage, allow the home to sit for 1 hour then open the window and air out.  

You may say prayers when you are Sagging.

You may picture a bubble of white light while your Sagging.  Call on Archangel Michael when Sagging.  There is no right or wrong way.  It's all about your intentions.  Do what feels right to you.  God Bless my friends.