• Admin- Nicol Vaselaros

Cleansing Begins With You

Often people don't realize that what they do in life, how they choose to live their lives and the choices they make in their lives, have such an impact on the energy that surrounds oneself.  You need to accept responsibility for your own actions in your life and be willing to accept change.  Change within.  You need to live for today and let go of what doesn't serve you for the highest good.  You were given free will.  The will to do good or the will to do bad.  But always remember, the Law of Attraction.  What you put out comes back to you.  

We all have and were given the power to rebuke evil.  It starts with you.  You must find the Faith within.  Believe.  Make it happen.  It will happen.  With Positive Vibrations that you send above, and you believe with all your heart and have the faith, then nothing, I mean, nothing can stop you.  Amen.