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Gone Beyond a Haunting

It's not often, but sometimes when a Demon is inhabiting a home of some sort, the situation can be fueled by other people.  It is a vicious cycle in that the demon brings negativity that triggers people's fears, then the negativity that emanates from these people feeds the demon more energy. Because of this cycle, the demonic hauntings can turn into an attachment and sometimes it can even turn into full-blown possession, depending on whether or not the demon is able to influence one particular person, and sometimes more than one person.

You will know when it has gone beyond a haunting into something more powerful and dangerous by noticing one or more of the following signs with at least one person in your household:

Withdrawal... the person under the influence of the demon might start to pull away from family, and friends.  Withdrawals from social events.

Anger/Resentment... the person may show out-of-nowhere signs of emotional intensity, usually in the form of anger or resentment towards his / her family.

Lack of Interest in Once-Loved Activities... the person also withdraws themselves from regular activities that they once enjoyed, e.g hobbies, academics, family quality time, etc.

Recurrent Nightmares and Night Terrors... the person will experience recurring nightmares and night terrors in that the person is scared of the dark and may scream upon waking. 

Unexplained Marks on the Body... the person might have scratch marks, bite marks, and bruises on his/her body in places that he/she could not inflict upon him/herself.

Interest in the Occult/ Black Magic... he or she might have taken a sudden interest in the occult, particularly in necromancy or black magic.

Unexplained Illness and Weakness... he or she might become inexplicably ill and or visibly weak of the body and mind.  Signs and symptoms might include weight loss, hair loss, change in skin tone, loss of appetite, vomiting, and loss of energy.

Sometimes in the most severe cases, as a person is no longer him or herself, you may notice that their voice will begin to change and begin to throw fits of supernatural power.  

Remember, you can't stop it from progressing!  Do not feed into the negativity in the household, and get the person help when you see the first signs.  

Do not wait until it gets worse and worse!

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