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Although most of the time, demonic hauntings start out quiet subtle, you may start to smell strange perfume, food smells, sulfur and bad odors. You may also begin to have strange feelings. As if someone is watching you. You may begin to feel as if something is "wrong" like someone has been in your house or building, inexplicable wafts of cold air, goosebumps, and the feeling of being touched by and invisible hand.

As the demon gains energy and begins to manifest more easily, all of these signs will increase and intensify, and you might begin to experience these things:

recurrent nightmares on a weekly or nightly basis, depending upon the severity, phantom-mania, feeling of discomort and dread, negativity between family members and or friends. A spirits begins to show itself to a member of the home. Often demons center there focus on one particular person and this can sometimes be a child. They will often appear to a child often as a nice entity. You may notice religious objects will be destroyed, lost. Entire homes, rooms are ransacked though nothing is taken. You find writing on walls or other places in the home. Signs will deffer from severity of the haunting and the type of demon you have. Keeping a journal is very important. Journal or Log all events that take place will help identify the type of haunting you have.

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