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#Do I Have a Demon2

Ghosts can be an very intriguing aspect, but they can also be quite terrifying as well. Sometimes ghostly hauntings are so intense that they make believers out of non-believers. Ghosts or Spirits sometimes are so faint, that even the most in-tuned psychic can't even pick up on their energy waves.

Sometimes the hauntings go beyond "normal " ghost haunting a building or a home, and may even escalate, becoming violent and causing harm. They are sometimes what we call attachments" or "demonic haunting". No matter what your definition of a demon is, we can all agree on one thing, demons are negative spirits or energy of some kind that can manifest themselves in harmful and terrifying ways. Some demons have gone as far as destroying all aspects of life around them; love, happiness, human life in general. No matter what your belief is or where the demon comes from, one thing is for certain, is the importance of recognizing it as soon as it happens. Because these hauntings can and will progress and cross the proverbial veil into attachments and even possession of human beings.

When a demonic haunting usually begins in a home or a place, the signs are usually are quiet subtle and may mimic those of your normal ghost haunting. You may begin to experience one or a few of these ...

`Strange sounds like footsteps, doors opening and closing, whispers, white noise, electronic interference

`Strange sights like shadows in your peripheral vision, flickering lights and electronics, objects seeming to switch places/positions when your back is turned/ figures in the dark, etc.

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