"Absolutely the most amazing Angels. I was going thru some very dark things, things that had priest come in my home n walk out and never return. Nicol and her team were the only ones willing and brave enough to come help me and there are noooo words that i could ever put in this comment to prove just how amazing she is...not only with the investigation but the emotional and mental support giving throughout the whole situation... She was my strength!!! there was months that we didnt sleep , not dare turn a light off or be in a room alone..the things she did with my home are unbelievable!!! I will always recommend and refer her to anyone that even thinks they might be going through something paranormal. To see a woman with soo much strength n commitment is soo admirable.. Fear does not exist with her!!!! She is truely a blessing!!! #GodsGiftToUs 😇😇 Prayers and love to the entire Fairfield Paranormal Society Team!!.

-Tabitha Ralls

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