Levels of Paranormal Activity

A haunting refers to a ghost phenomenon.  It is our job to figure out weather or not it is a human spirit or demonic.  Most of the time, hauntings are earthbound spirits who are stuck in the lower astral plane.  They did not cross to the higher plane.  They may have unfinished busniness, they may feel the need to look over a loved one, or they died a sudden death and they are confused.  Most of these spirits are harmless.  With a house cleansing and prayer will cross over easily.   When experiencing these types of hauntings, you may experience :


1.)  Strange Feelings-  Being watched, uneasiness, anxious, paranioa, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vometing

2.)  Phantom Smells-  Perfume, Cigar Smoke, Cigarette Smoke, Flowers, Smoke from a fire, Sulfer, Rotten Flesh

3.)  Unexplained Noices-  Knocking, Banging, Tapping, Scratching, Walking, Running, Footsteps, Whistling, Whispering, Giggling

4.)  Hearing Voices-  Names being called, Conversations, Laughing, Screaming, Crying, Cuss Words, Moans

5.)  Unexplained Breif Sightings-  Seeing something out the corner of your eye, Black Shadows, Balls of Light, Energy Rods

6.)  Full Body Apparition Sightings-  Consistantly seeing residual / intelligent apparitions of men, women and children in full view, Shadow People

7.)  Physical Contact-  Touching, Scratching, Bitting, Hitting, Bruising, Slapping.  ( If you are experiencing physical contact, Contact Us or your          Clergy Immidiatly!!!  )


Poltergeist Activity


There are generally five primary stages by which the level of a poltergeist is identified.


  • Stage 1:  Latent/ dorment or passive stage-  Freak occurrences like cold spots, dog barking at nothing.

  • Stage 2:  Obvious/ detectable presence-  Might notice cold spots will increase, things might start to move around at this point.

  • Stage 3:  Increased Kinetic Activity- Lights and appliances turn on and off.  Doors open and closes.  Rapping and Banging sounds.

  • Stage 4:  Intelligent/  Individual targeting-  Objects begin to fly at people.  Kitchen knives begin to shoot out of drawers.  Aimed at a person.

  • Stage 5:  Dangerous/ Life Threatening Kinetic Activity-  Fires can break out of nowhere.  Huge furniture is moving by itself.  



Demonic Haunting


These hauntings are rare but are very frightening.  Encounters with a nonhuman demonic entity are the most dangerous kinds of the paranormal activity.  They tend to start out as your typical haunting but progress very voliently. Special care should always be taken when dealing with the demonic.


Symptoms of a Demonic Haunting may include...


  1. Young children and any household pets beging to react to the presence of something.

  2. Children begin to see something in there bedrooms.

  3. Strong unpleasant smells and foul oders are encountered throughout the home.  Air may seem heavier in certain parts of the house.

  4. Adults start to see things too.

  5. Children claim to see a nice man ( sometimes a woman) in their bedroom at night.  The apparition is pleasent at first, but turns unpleasent.

  6. The figure appears as human but has no eyes, or has glowing red eyes.  

  7. Children wake up saying someone is trying to hurt them.

  8. Adults wake up with scratch marks on their bodies.

  9. People in the household coming down with mysterious illnesses that defy medical treatment.

  10. Objects in the house, heavy ones, move on their own.

  11. Objects like clocks begin to move counter clockwise.

  12. Very high EMF readings are present with no mechanical explanation.

  13. Unexplained events come in sets of three (3).

  14. Most paranormal activity events happen between the hours of 9pm and 6am with 3-3:30am being the most active.

  15. The nonhuman entity is most responsive to Holy words and names.



 ***NOTE***  There are Stages for Demonic Infestation to occur.  Possession is a process, there is no time limit it can    take for a person to become possessed.  The state of infestation and oppression can vary depending on the situation.

There are 4 Steps to Possession

    1.  Invitation

    2.  Infestation

    3.  Oppression

    4.  Possession- ( 2 Forms of Possession )

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