When posting EVP's captured in the field, F.P.S. makes every attempt to determine the reason for their presence on the audio. We rule out everything we can possibly think of and then some, and make every attempt to be sure it is not normal in nature before we post our findings.




F.P.S. uses the following classification system for EVP work.


Class A - 100% audible, clear voice & intelligent or reactive responses, not random noise or words. Example: having direct questions responded to or reaction statement. Audible to the human ear no enhancements needed, no question to what the voice is saying.


Class B - Practically audible, some doubt to the interpretation, syllables & consonant pronunciation is questionable. Appropriate tone & timing to question or statement made by team member. Frequency levels are also undetermined, but usually found on the low end of the spectrum. Non English EVP are placed in this category.


 Class C - Frequency levels support this unexplainable voice, not always audible, but some constants are present. Timing & tone apply to this category. Direct response is not required. Random voices or tones apply in this category. Out of text words or phrases that are not explained by correlating data. 


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