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Investigation Process/ Team Structure/ Code of Conduct







Investigation Process 


Please read the information below to help understand what to expect when requesting an investigation and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


1-  Before any investigation takes place, the Lead Investigator will do an initial interview.

     At that time, you will be asked to the point and personal questions.  All people involved should be at the initial interview!  The whole interview is quite long, but all questions are important and taken serious.  At that time, if the Lead Investigator feels its nessesary to come out, we will set up a time and date to do so.  At that point will be the initial Walk Through.


2-  If the Lead Investigator feels that a Investigation is nessesarry, we will then set up a time to come out to do the initial Walk Through Process, with your permission.  


3-  Walk Through- Lead Investigator and Assistant comes out.  Forms are Signed.  Photos/ Layout Complete.  Explanation Process.


4-  Investigation


5-  Evidence Review- Includes 8 Camera DVR ( Audio and Video ) , 3 EVP Audio Recorders, 2 Photo Camera's ***  Can take up to 4 Weeks for Proper Review ***


6-  The Client Review - Our Findings/ if Any-  At this time we would contact you and give you a break down on what was debunked, if anything was even captured.


Please always remember to look for natural causes before jumping to the conclusion that it is paranormal or something supernatural.

If you have a haunted business that you would like us to investigate, or if you live in a house which you believe might be haunted, please contact Fairfield Paranormal Society.




Fairfield Paranormal Society




All members will conduct themselves in a professional manner during any event that involves F.P.S.. This includes, but is not limited to, meetings, investigations, promotional events, or any activity in which amember is representing F.P.S. All members must dress appropriately when on an investigation or when attending a function/event where the member is representing F.P.S. Group shirts are required and can be purchased from F.P.S. The use of Drugs or Alcohol is strictly prohibited at ANY event or investigation. Being under theinfluence of Drugs or Alcohol is also strictly prohibited while representing F.P.S. Failure to comply will be cause for immediate dismissal from F.P.S.Members must obey all federal, state and municipal laws while on an investigation or while participatingin an event. Members must treat other members and clients with respect at all times. Any harassment or abuse of any type toward other members or clients will not be tolerated. This includes verbal, email, text or any other communication devices which can be used to harass or abuse another. Profanity is strictly prohibited during any investigation or event where the member is representing F.P.S. If a member is having problems with another member regarding their conduct, do not address it yourself. Please take the issue to a team leader. The team leader will be responsible for resolving any issues or disagreements. Any tampering or interfering with evidence, on or while doing and investigation will not be tolerated. Each member accepts personal responsibility to read, understand and uphold the Code of Conduct while being a member of F.P.S. Any violation of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken.

7-  After Care- This is an important step!  I will explain our After Care Plan to help you prevent anything from returning and what steps to take if that should happen.

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