Fairfield Paranormal Society of Maryland was founded in 2009 by Nicol Vaselaros while living in Fairfield, PA as "Fairfield Paranormal Society"


Fairfield Paranormal Society moved in 2011 to MD and decided to change the name to 

"Fairfield Paranoramal Society of Maryland"



Nicol Vaselaros
Founder & Lead Investigator/ Manager
Since 2009

Email and Phone Number as well as Text



O: 443-340-3358 ( office )

 My paranormal experiences range from seeing "balls of light" going across my wall,  witnessing moving objects, hearing spirit whispering, hearing footsteps, seen shadow people, to seeing a full body apparition.  

I have lived in Carroll County Maryland all my life, except for when we moved to Fairfield, PA.  We moved there in 2009, in which I founded Fairfield Paranormal Society.  Since then, I have moved to Taneytown and have kept the name.

I have a wonderful man and 2 great kids that have been with me since I have started Fairfield Paranormal Society.  Without them and their dedication, I would not be here today.  Thank you; Robbie, Tre and Alicia.  

 I have investigated numerous places,  just to include a few; 

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylam- Weston WV

Baladerry Inn Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA

Hadco Lighting Company in Littlestown, PA

 Accomic Inn in Wrightsville, PA

Ramblewood Mansion, MD

Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg, PA

PennHurst State Hopsital

And many private families reaching out for help.  Most of what I have learned is through my experiences.  Experiences as an Investigator and as the innocent one being haunted.  I have learned through reading hours of research and reviewing hours of live footage, trying to come up with a scientific explanation for the paranormal. 

I have a true heart, and I am dedicated to the families that are being haunted by the paranormal.  We are here for you. 


Jeanni Hall

Reseacher/ Investigator

Since 5/2013


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