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Call 240-578-5443  7 Day 24 Hrs

Are you experiencing paranormal activity?  We are here to help.  No Cost to you.  Investigations are FREE.  We use our own expenses to cover any gas or anything else we might come across.  We never ask you for anything.  


We investigate private homes as well as businesses.  Founded in 2009, Fairfield has investigated places from Baladerry Inn in Gettysburg, PA , Ramblewood Mansion in Darlington, MD to The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisianna to Trans-Allegheney Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV.  Not to mention, all the personal clients we have helped along the way.  

If you think you are experiencing unexplained things happening in your home and have no where to turn, please Call Us.  F.P.S. is here for you.  We understand what it is like not having anywhere to turn to.  We understand how hard it is for you to call people like us.  First of all, you need to realize that, you are not crazy.  We understand that most of all.  Second, we do understand the situation you are going through and how to help.  All Cases are kept Confidential.  We respect your feelings and listen to you concerns.


It starts with the phone call.  


Then we set up a walk through and start the investigation process.  


Children involved are handled on a very serious, different basis. 


You must understand, we can not help, unless you call!



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